Invisiframe Fitting



What is invisiFRAME?

invisiFRAME was created to protect your pride and joy. Simple as.

There is nothing quite like getting your new steed! But there's nothing worse than the inevitable frame damage coming from ripping up the trails. That's where invisiFRAME comes in.

The vinyl is a premium quality automotive vinyl, which was developed to protect car paint from stone chip and abrasion damage. While it can’t promise to protect your frame from major damage, the protection kit will protect and minimise general trail wear, scuffs, abrasions, stone chips, storage and transportation mishaps keeping your steed looking newer for longer.


The vinyl will help keep your bicycle paint work looking brand new under the protection. The gloss vinyl can be polished adding to its longevity and in turn keeping you bike looking good. So this means that all of those annoying little scratches created from muddy trails can be polished out!